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I don’t know why everything is triggering me tonight but for real I can’t even deal with the sound of the dog scratching herself and I don’t have a significant amount of alcohol in the house so I might just sign into total mayhem and play as Junkrat for the rest of the night


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Yahoo, added Sombra to the Overwatch Crossing sticker sheet~

I restocked some uncut sticker sheets in my shop, too! You can find them over here:

I’m also slowly working on an overwatch zine ;v; I hope to finish everything up and open preorders in January!


overwatch crossing postcards!! they’ll be in my OW zine preorders and I’ll have them for sale afterwards hopefully too ;v; I want to make some more eventually ahh










omg reminds me of animal crossing speech

“ attackofthepartycannon:
“ vwhatevweraquarius:
“ seerstuck:
“ hurpthederp:
“ englishallelujah:
“ homestuck x animal crossing
everyone dies
I’ve never even played Animal Crossing, but ERIDAN.
this is p cute and funny...







homestuck x animal crossing


everyone dies

I’ve never even played Animal Crossing, but ERIDAN.

this is p cute and funny at the same time fuck




“ Animal crossing : Sun and Moon!
I’ve saw some animal crossing version of some sm characters, so i decided I want to try make some too!


Animal crossing : Sun and Moon!

I’ve saw some animal crossing version of some sm characters, so i decided I want to try make some too!

“ Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood, where Christopher Robin’s mayor,
You’ll find the enchanted neighbourhood of Christopher’s childhood days…
If you shook a honey tree, would furniture fall out?
Mixed two of my favorite things, Winnie...


Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood, where Christopher Robin’s mayor,
You’ll find the enchanted neighbourhood of Christopher’s childhood days…

If you shook a honey tree, would furniture fall out?
Mixed two of my favorite things, Winnie the Pooh and Animal Crossing. 

“you need 30 pieces of steel to make crayons… the animal crossing crafting economy is in shambles


you need 30 pieces of steel to make crayons… the animal crossing crafting economy is in shambles




i was in a thrift shop the other day and they were playing the most unsettling variations of normal christmas music, culminating in this rendition of the 12 days of christmas except it was like 12 guys all singing over each other and going “no!” and interrupting the lyrics with random other phrases until they deadass just started singing 5 golden rings to toto’s africa. can anyone confirm that this is a real song and not that i stroked so hard i astral projected into a universe where everything is somehow worse than it is here

I remember listening to this in grade school. I am going to go get some Chinese food.

this is what my anxiety attacks sound like












diamond samura1:





i swear to god, men raising their voice is the most terrifying thing in the whole world. they dont understand, like its an immediate panic response, game over

I actually had no idea women found this so scary

my downstairs neighbors fight on a regular basis, and every time he starts yelling i’m a little afraid he’s going to kill her. i have no reason to think this except that he is a ma n and he is angry

My math teacher has a loud voice and a temper and he scares the living shit out of me almost everyday. He’s made me and other kids cry more than once and he and his teacher buddies make a joke out of terrifying students.

this was women in general? i knew my gf didn’t like it but I was unaware if this affected most women

Yes, it does

As a woman, I had no idea it effected other women like this. I was too afraid to even talk about it. I thought I was weak. Thanks for bringing attention to this.

My dad thinks it’s funny that I used to cry when he raised his voice. I freak out whenever some one does. Once my director did, and I started crying I couldn’t stop. I’m glad to see I’m not alone…

This is so important– seeing how common this is– and I also want you all to know that this is not normal. It is n’t something instinctively ingrained into women, to be afraid of men. There is no natural state of men being a threat that women constantly have to be afraid of. This is cultural. So many women and girls here have a mutual understanding of this feeling, and I think it really shows an unsettling truth about our society, particularly about how men are raised to act and how so many women have this defensive reaction gradually develop. It’s so important that these people have their voices heard, because it teaches us about problems that we just can’t deny the existence of any longer.

I’m glad I’m not the only one

My fellow men, pay attention. I didn’t realize how scary this could be until one of my exes explained it to me, and it’s heartbreaking.

Also, when we move too much during an argument, or lean forward, it’s scary, and I never knew. I was even a little insulted at first, because surely she didn’t think I would hurt her. But see, that doesn’t matter. It wasn’t a sign that she mistrusted me specifically; it’s a conditioned response. (Although if you keep doing it once you realize it scares her, she SHOULDN’T trust you.)

Not every woman has been physically harmed by a man she trusted, but every woman KNOWS a woman who has.

I used to be horrible about this, because I didn’t realize how intimidating it was. I didn’t understand why the woman I was with clammed up or tried to tell me what she thought I wanted to hear, and I only got angrier, and acted even more like an asshole. It was wrong. It was abusive. It didn’t matter if I INTENDED it that way; it was still emotionally abusive. And it was inexcusable.

I get that when passions are high, and when you’re frustrated, it’s a natural tendency to let your voice get louder, to shout and gesture and lean forward. But you can train yourself to do better. You can train yourself to keep more of an even tone, to refrain from large and fast gestures, to not lean into her personal space. I did. I’m not perfect at it yet, but goddamn it, I WILL be.

Don’t tell me it’s too hard, that you just can’t do it, or that you “shouldn’t have to.” I’m 53 years old and just now getting the hang of it, and if this old dog can learn something new, so can you.

Note to guys: It really, REALLY doesn’t matter if you’re thinking, “but I would never…”

History is littered with the bodies of women who believed a man “would never.” This includes women killed by men who honestly, deeply, truly believed they “would never”… right up until she said that one thing or moved in just that way and he just got so mad, just that once, and pushed her or punched her or slashed her or shot her… just once, y’know, to shut her up, or because she was flinching and didn’t she know that HE’S NOT LIKE THAT and I’LL TEACH HER TO BE AFRAID OF ME…

We are trained, from infancy, that Men With Loud V oices are a source of pain from which we cannot escape, and attempts to escape may result in more pain. And as soon as we’re old enough to comprehend a world broader than our immediate circle, a world that extends into the past and will run into the future, we realize that there is no way, no way at all, to tell which men “would never” and which men “would never… except if.”

We live or die on that “if.” And any man who doesn’t like facing that hyper-vigilance can work on fixing OTHER MEN, not women’s fear.

The reaction shouldn’t be “not all men are like that;” it should be “no woman should have to live in fear.”

It’s telling that so many people will hear a story of long-term abuse and say, “why did she stay with him?” and not “why did he treat her like that?”

This made me cry.

Don’t skip over this.

I’m terrified of my father raising his voice because in my childhood that was usually a precursor to being hit.

It has nothing to do with “toxic masculinity”  or “the PATRIARCHY” or whatever buzzwords the kids are using these days. It has to do with childhood trauma, and honestly I’m a little peeved that my childhood experiences are being used to push this agenda.

My father believed that raising his voice was perfectly normal to do a child that he was frustrated with. I was 10 years old when I wouldn’t stop crying after he raised his voice so he threatened to hit me with a belt to “give me a real reason to cry about” when I wouldn’t be quiet. I was 13 when he screamed at me for kissing a boy, I broke down in tears so he grabbed me by my hair and dragged me across a room. I was 16 when started crying for the millionth time, but this time I yelled back, tired of being thr eatened with violence which resulted in me being smacked across the face by not only my father, but my mother as well. I was 18 when I finally confronted my father about his violence and emotional abuse. He yelled back that this is just how he is, its never going to change and it’s normal for men to react like this. I believed him because my boyfriend when I was 16 years old screamed threats and hit my much like my father when he became angry. I was conditioned to believe that a raised voice meant that physical pain was sure to follow. Physical abuse is not normal or acceptable. Emotional abuse is not normal or acceptable. These should NOT be a common threads in women’s lives.

It took me meeting my current significant other for me to understand that men can have disagreements with women without them raising their voices and threating them with physical violence.

I’m 20 years old and I still cry when men raise their voices at me. I have exteme anxie ty issues anytime confrontation occurs pretty much in any context. My childhood trauma isn’t an isolated case and it makes me furious. Crying at men raising their voices makes me feel weak from years of having been told that I was over reacting and I “better cut it out”, and I have to constantly remind myself that it is not my fault for crying and being afraid because it is not normal and I am not weak.

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When ICE isn’t cool.

Kal El…. is literally Hebrew. It means Voice of God. He’s a Jewish illegal immigrant. For a reason. He was written in the 30s.

I mean Superman was literally written as an allegory for first generation American Jews dealing with the struggle of assimilation vs maintaining traditional culture. The birth of Superman as a comic was essentially Jewish Immigrant history.